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Michigan Center for Facial Pain & Sleep

Offering excellent, caring, and professional treatment to treat your pain and get you back to living your best life. We'll develop a comprehensive plan that diagnoses and treats your pain and sleep issues.

What Can We Help With?



“TMJ Disorder” typically describes dysfunction of the jaw muscles and joints. It can be as minor as a slight clicking or popping sensation when the mouth is opened and closed, or as serious as persistent pain extending into the face, neck and shoulders.

Orofacial Pain


Persistent pain in the face, ears, teeth, and/or jaw has often been accompanied by tightness and soreness in the jaw and facial muscles, limited jaw opening, and difficulty chewing.

Neck Pain


Neck pain and TMD often go hand in hand. The bones, muscles, ligaments, and nerves of the neck and jaw display significant interaction.

Sleep Concerns

Issues falling asleep or staying asleep can contribute to a myriad of TMJ symptoms including morning headache, neck pain, and sore jaw muscles.

Beautiful Smile

Our Treatment Process

All of our patient relationships begin with extensive, one on one conversations. Gathering a thorough history and physical evaluation is vital to our success. Knowing the person not just the symptoms allows us to determine together which treatments to choose, how they are sequenced, and when they should be modified for the best possible outcome. TMJ problems are the result of tired, injured, or sore muscles; inflamed tendons; or compromised ligaments, bone and cartilage.

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